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What would magnum do?


"People will stare. Make it worth their while!" - Harry Winston


The debate over short-sleeve button downs has probably been raging on ever since its invention back in 1896. That said, we're making no illusions to clear things up here. But we'll give you our two cents and where we stand in the debate! So, are short-sleeve shirts a bold fashion statement or an abomination to good taste?

We think short-sleeve shirts have rightfully earned a place in every man's wardrobe! If only for the chronic abuse, morbid rep and countless bad examples of 'how to not wear them' of the past.

But not all short-sleeve shirts are created equal. They come in all types of styles, designs and quality. While Mr. Magnum may have brought the Hawaiian look to the masses, not all of us have a "P.I." in our name, fight bad guys or live in Hawaii.

But the short-sleeve dress shirt is so much more versatile. Toned down and sported at the right occasion, short sleeves are a bold alternative to the classic button-down or a casual t-shirt. Not to mention short sleeve button ups are the perfect summer go-to for a casual look that keeps you cool wherever life may take you!


"As old Gosling proved, the appeal of a short sleeve shirt isn't defined by its intricacy or loudness. Something simple in soft, inoffensive tones can look downright smart, let alone cool. The trick – as with everything – is to focus on cut, cloth and quality. One is probably enough, but nail all three and you're on to a winner." - Esquire


At Friday Shirt Club, we love our short-sleeve shirts, particularly on lighter summer fabrics. Take for example our lightweight Korean linen shirts. These short sleeve summer casuals are styled for a relaxed, kick back look. Here at Friday Shirt Club we're all about shirts for men not afraid to be bold. These shirts certainly fit that bill.


Blue floral linen short-sleeve button-down shirt


Pink floral linen short-sleeve button-down shirt


Green floral linen short-sleeve button-up casual shirt



Try one of these pre-designed shirts or add short-sleeves to any of our shirts with our online customization tool!


Browse our full collection of short-sleeve shirts here!

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